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Please click on the links below to learn more about Kathryn's perspective on the work, the field, and the art / practice of evolutionary leadership and designing coherent, modern and awake systems. 


Change as a Force of Nature - Kathryn's article on the principles of change according to the laws of nature.

Chatting about Transforming an Organization's OS and Changing from Within - Kathryn and Massimo have a conversation about the experience of doing this work, together.

Earning Ourselves Our Own Wisdom - Kathryn's article written in 2021 on the backside of spending year one of pandemic life reflecting, writing, working and envisioning Theeo Company from a Treehouse in the lower Hudson Valley. 

All the Best Leaders Practice Emptiness - Kathryn's article on the necessity to lead from spaciousness.

Dear Beloved Clients - Kathryn's article that talks about what change looks like and how to get started.

Dear Remote Teams - Kathryn's article helping people and teams understand how technology needs to have a seat at the table, seen as a team member.  

Dear Men - A poem written for International Women's Day 2020 to lovingly get some thinking and behaving shifted on making room, creating space, hearing more voices, and living together with more texture.

Quieting the Noise - Some thoughts about what 2020 is teaching us in flight.

A Look Back on Practicing - Some musings about Kathryn's approach and ideas to this work.

Let's Seize the Moment - Sustaining Organizational Resilience Beyond Crisis - A collaborative article written with my former colleagues Will and Sam on how to use a practice of stopping, reflecting, and noticing to manage in the intensity but more importantly to create healthy organizational patterns for enlivening resilience in your systems.

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