Please click on the links below to learn more about Kathryn's perspective on the work, the field, and the art / practice of evolutionary leadership and designing coherent systems. 

Let's Seize the Moment - Sustaining Organizational Resilience Beyond Crisis - A collaborative article written with my colleagues Will and Sam on how to use a practice of stopping, reflecting, and noticing to manage in the intensity but more importantly to create healthy organizational patterns for enlivening resilience in your systems.

Dear Remote Teams - Kathryn's article helping people and teams understand how technology needs to have a seat at the table, seen as a team member.  

Quieting the Noise - Some thoughts about what 2020 is teaching us in flight.

Dear Beloved Clients - Kathryn's article that talks about what change looks like and how to get started.

Dear Men - A poem written to lovingly get some thinking and behaving shifted on making room, creating space hearing more voices, and living together with more texture.

Change as a Force of Nature - Kathryn's article on the principles of change according to the laws of nature.

All the Best Leaders Practice Emptiness - Kathryn's article on the necessity to lead from spaciousness.

A Look Back on Practicing - Some musings about Kathryn's approach and ideas to this work.

Chatting about Transforming an Organization's OS and Changing from Within - Kathryn and Massimo have a conversation about the experience of doing this work.