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Dear 2022

On January 7th, 2022 I spontaneously let a short note to 2022 pour out of me as I was thinking about the year, writing a client proposal, and then quickly walked away from without really reading it. On June 6th, 2022 I found it in my writing file and re-read to see how it held up. I'd say it's pretty resonant (even if the fatigue hasn't exactly abated!)

Dear 2022,

I welcome you with open arms — and an intention of ease, growth, abundance, sovereignty and creative expression. The last several have met me with so much change and suggestion for evolution. Being of the moment with each has been a courageous and focused meditation so as to experience the unraveling and trust in what would emerge. I feel like I shed ninety seven layers, lost some density, and learned even better how to use my internal compass like a jedi. While I’m not sure the pandemic atmosphere allowed much else, I had to deeply trust all was unfolding in divine order and for all the right reasons. I continue to trust. I continue to discern. I continue to wait. I continue to own my next moves. The beauty, love, friendships, and care that has surrounded me from many unexpected places has been noteworthy and a gift these last years delivered. Those who remained and those who showed up created a truly inspiring field of play. In this year ahead, I welcome new members to my tribe. I commit to holding the space and vibration as high as I know how for anyone who arrives in my sphere. I invite new clients, contracts, friends, and relationships who also wish to hold the space and operate at the higher vibration. Together, we will do our work of changing the world and the human experience for the better — through example, commitment, motivation, and love. Discerning what is true and what is false will be key. Knocking back what isn’t a match will be the work of my will. I am invested in holding this light and grateful for the role I get to play in supporting it. More ease, laughter, togetherness, and shared joy is welcome in 2022. In truth, I am a bit fatigued by all of this holding we've done, yet excited to get on with it. 2022, I am excited to see what you have to bring and to be in the experience of weaving a new fabric. It’s time to move and bring many ideas, insights, and intelligences home. Cheers and thanks for showing up.

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