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Presence Requires Your Emotional System

Presence requires your emotional system.

What takes you out of the present?

Perceived threats.

What do we interpret as perceived threats?


Change of any kind e.g. the status quo you have created in the last 5 minutes or that which you have created over the last 5 years. You are wired biologically to identify any change - that which you create and that which is created unto you - as threatening.

How do you stop that loop?

Practice presence.

The more you practice presence, the less your reptilian brain perceives change as a threat.

Alternatively, the more you practice perceiving any change as threatening, the louder the threats get (psychologically). The more your adrenals fire. The more manic and depleted you become. This all happens to the point that you can't even remember what threat is what and how you got to this point in your depletion.

Practicing presence enables you to work, understand, embrace, accept, and appreciate the full spectrum of your emotional system. It also conditions you to stop responding to change - simple and complex - from a place of anxiety.

Your emotional system requires presence and presence requires your emotional system.

Go there.

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