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Less Stuff, More Happiness

Take a 5 minute break to consider....

GETTING RID OF YOUR CRAP!!!!!!! (Literally and metaphorically)

We have three times the amount of space we did 50 years ago, more credit card debt, huge environmental footprints, and our happiness has flatlined over the same 50 years.

Create space, reduce, let go of stuff, and stop feeding emotional stress by accumulating. It is not helping anything.

Here are some good tips:

1. Edit Ruthlessly. Cut the extraneous out of your life. Stem the inflow. Ask "Is that really going to make me happier?" (The answer is likely a 'no.')

2. Small is Sexy. If you don't need six, why have six? What is it about us that we don't ask logical questions and just need bigger and more?

3. Make multifunctional. Things can have multiple purposes if we think about it more carefully.

While not everyone is going to fit their lives into a 450 sq. ft. space, you get the point.

The things that matter most, give us joy, provide meaning, and fuel the spirt aren't in boxes in the storage unit. That is just an illusion, our media culture, and the reptilian brain feeling attached and stressed.

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