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Truth and Creativity

No matter how hard they might try, nobody can effectively extinguish your truth and your genius. Try as they might... it usually simply gets bigger and brighter. If you believe that creativity comes through us rather than from us, you begin to understand how it's impossible to cut it off. Our truth and genius is not ours or someone else's to stop, hence the impossibility. You also begin to understand the reasons we may suffer if we don't stay in our truth and rise up to our genius/creativity. It's not possible for someone else to extinguish nor for any one of us to deny ourselves. It's often the reason we're here.

Ai Weiwei is great proof of this. He is such an important contemporary artist, such an important mind and voice, and an amazing example of being incapable of allowing external forces to cut off the flow of his art. They might be able to limit his ability to move about, but so far they haven't had any success limiting his truth or flow. As a matter of fact, the harder they've tried, the bigger his reach has become. As well, the louder his message and the deeper his depth.

Besides, his work is just incredible. And, often at a scale that you can't help but understand how the ideas and eventual form of his work are coming through him not from him.

Read the full VICE article of interview with Ai Weiwei here. See the beginning of the article below.

Screenshot 2015-07-10 13.27.42.png

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