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Purpose, Meaning, and Heart is the New Bottom Line

As promised, @caseygerald's talk from @creativemornings two Friday's ago. Rarely am I moved to tears at 9 a.m., but moved I was. Authenticity tends to cut right through.

Here are a few good take-aways from the talk:

- "There's no line-item for 'give a damn' on a balance sheet but it's the most valuable thing you've got in your business."

- "F@*& it, we'll do it anyway."

- "It's not the what or the how, but it's the WHY, that is at the heart of creative entrepreneurs. It's the WHY that sparks the revolution."

- "Courage is not the absence of fear."

Thank you to Creative Mornings and to Casey Gerald for the pleasure of being in attendance.


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