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What aren't you talking about?

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Picture if you can a group of people walking around the circumference of a circle. In the middle of that circle, there is an artifact of some sort. The artifact - an elephant, an ending, a confrontation, an internal project, the simple stuff- represents what we aren't talking about. Rather than go to it, we circle it. Better yet, we generate other things to talk about and focus on, thus transfering a higher degree of importance onto what is less challenging to discuss and consequently all the focus goes to a topic of less importance manufactured to be of great importance.

These circles are happening all day long and strategic decisions are being made with a focus on issues of much less importance rather than a focus - and a driver - on what is of the utmost importance. This equation gets people and groups into ongoing tangles. The reason being that we then are creating multiple circles around what we're avoiding, and acting upon what is simply just easier to deal with. All of sudden you have an environment that is a matrix of people circling rather than an environment of people going right into the belly of what truly matters and then acting/doing from there.

Yes, it's more work to move toward the artifact in the middle of the circle. But, the short-term discomfort reaps infinitely greater rewards and outcomes that matter most.

So, what aren't you talking about?

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