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Be Unattached to the Outcome

One of the primary functions of working any change process is envisioning and articulating visions, goals, and wants while simultaneously being unattached to the outcome. The duality of the process creates the dialectic necessary for unfolding to occur. When we're solely focused on or holding too tightly to visions, goals, and wants, we create blocks for other ideas and solutions to show up. If we're only "hopeful" and being unattached without creating some sort of scaffold, the lack of structure provides nothing for new ideas and solutions to attract to. This is one of the reasons it's helpful to enlist the help of a skilled professional. Being submerged in a change process and 'self-facilitating' the process at the same time is HARD, takes so much more time, and can be a much more challenging path toward the change desired. Enlist help to hold the space of being unattached to the outcome while also helping to build (and de-construct) the structure(s) that will help get you there! You'll feel great relief, I promise.

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