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8 Advantages Highly Sensitive People Bring to Business

1. Emotional Awareness

Because their thoughts, ideas and experiences tend to be richer and more profound, they are gifted with a greater insight into what makes the human being feel enough to be moved. Because they understand what moves people emotionally, they know how to capture consumers with creative products and ideas...

2. Empathy

The highly sensitive are built with a natural and deep empathy towards others making them powerful leaders, teachers, coaches, guides and mentors. The emotionally sensitive are completely “tuned in” to the feeling experiences of others, enabling them to stop another person’s negative state from spinning out of control...

3. Dedication to Fairness and Justice

The highly sensitive stand for what is right. All of their senses are magnified making them live through feeling rather than rationalizing. This makes them ‘relationship oriented’ rather than ‘agenda oriented’ in their approach. Because their sensitivities and insights are other-focused, they make sure all ideas generated benefit the justice of the whole system. All business communications are focused on far-sighted, rather than short-sighted, agreements...

4. Leadership

The emotionally sensitive are committed to creating dynamic, highly productive, value-based organizations that hire people who are passionate about their work. They give others ample opportunity to grow, making them feel valued and respected. They are concise in giving those they manage clarity about their roles and responsibilities, eliminating confusion...

5. Passion

They are intense, deeply imaginative, perceptive and deep. Whatever they do they give it all they have got. This quality makes the highly sensitive person an invaluable commodity in pioneering new paths with a steadfast commitment...

6. Normalizing Alone Time

Because the emotionally sensitive are extreme and ingest the wholeness of the emotional and physical environment around them they need time to retreat and refuel. In many ways life is more difficult for them. Everything about life is magnified and penetrating to their experience. Their brilliant minds are constantly in motion creating, designing, and thinking, like a merry-go-round which never stops spinning.

They burnout easily if they do not take care to refresh themselves. Without time to disconnect it can cause blocks in their creativity, so they need quiet time to further make use of their genius.

7. Innovation

Many highly sensitive people are introverted, which is a trait that can also encourage creativity. The emotionally sensitive have a richness of sensory detail making them attuned to shades, ideas, colors and textures of the commercial world many do not see. They are also able to see the voids, gaps and spaces for innovation not seen by others... Because they prefer the unconventional, they pay little attention to traditional business metrics which inhibit many companies from making breakthroughs. The highly sensitive are the people who make the “difference.”

8. Generosity

They are giving, loving, encouraging and committed to any and all people they have relationships with, personal and professional. They are demonstrative with generosity and value its impact on the happiness and overall attitude of people. They compliment often, acknowledge others for their achievements and reward liberally, inspiring others to want to work with them and for them...

Full Article by Sherrie Campbell from Entrepreneur Here.

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