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7 Universal Story Plots

Also known as 7 universal human plots.

1. Overcoming the Monster (Beowolf and Star Wars).. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, darkness and light, shadow

2. Rags to Riches (Cinderella, etc.) .. vulnerability, life teaches you, facing adversity, openness

3. Voyage and Return (Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz) .. opening up to new experiences, meeting 'teachers' along the journey, expansion

4. The Quest (Lord of the Rings) .. teamwork, sticking to your convictions, focus and vision, emotional growth along the journey, being in the process

5. Comedy, Conflict, Conclusion (Pride and Prejudice) .. fate, destiny, negotiating, navigating

6. Tragedy (Dorian Gray, Scarface) .. villains exist in life, contrasting villain's principles with your own, what not to do, suffering

7. Rebirth (A Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast) .. enlightened experience, the capacity to change is available at any moment in time, unconditional love

Full Article on Sparkol Here

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