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You See, the Problem Is...

... these are the very kids who (if they survive the pressure) eventually end up in tech, government, education, business, etc. And, the problem is that the coping skills they should be learning during their formative years - those coping skills that provide human beings with the capacities to adapt, thrive, join, relate, critically think, and be resilient - aren't learned. Instead, they've been driven to achieve - solely front brain acheivement with little higher brain, higher level skill capabilities. And, what do we then have? We have an imbalanced, distorted, myopic, and emotionally vacant workforce. A workforce that is untrained in the most basic and most important skills... humanity.

We're in deep, deep trouble if we cannot begin to make significant adjustments for kids in primary secondary, and college level environments. The rhetoric of achievement - achievement that is solely measured on an external yardstick - is potentially the greatest risk we face as a culture. Because a culture of citizens who don't have a sense of self, wellness, happiness, contentment, and inner guidance will be one without the capacity to innovate, lead, and strategically think about its future.

Article Push, Don't Crush the Students here.

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