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Culture of Meritocracy

Whether you agree or disagree, it's an important discussion about culture and raising kids today. Where does the focus of indulgence, applause, and influence create a barrier to self-awareness, exploration, innate talent, practicing failing, self-direction, and confidence? We know meritocracy is a HUGE and devastating problem in schools and education. Take a look to see how if has infiltrated into your home. Where are the measuring sticks? What is the sub-conscious angst around your kids and their futures? It's a good exercise to get honest about how it shows up at home. It's an even better exercise to push back against it.

"... The culture of the meritocracy is incredibly powerful. Parents desperately want happiness for their children and naturally want to steer them toward success in every way they can. But the pressures of the meritocracy can sometimes put this love on a false basis. The meritocracy is based on earned success. It is based on talent and achievement. But parental love is supposed to be oblivious to achievement. It’s meant to be an unconditional support — a gift that cannot be bought and cannot be earned. It sits outside the logic of the meritocracy, the closest humans come to grace."

Full David Brooks Op-Ed here

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