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Flow State and Big Ideas

I call it your 'zone' more than 'flow state,' but same difference and all true. It's that thing that happens when you are putting it all out there and you have a moment of wondering to yourself how do i actually know all this? Yes, we've studied, practiced, performed, played, served, etc. but then there is the leap and you find yourself in the zone. All is right, you are energized from somewhere deep within, and who you are and what you are meant to be doing, saying, playing, teaching, exhibiting are completely in sync. That is being in your zone... or your flow state.

Leadership and leading, venturing, making, creating, being in your authenticity is all about being in your zone. It's bigger than yourself and it runs deeply down into yourself. It's who you are and what you are meant to be sharing with the world and the people around you. We all have a zone... the worthwhile journey is finding it and enjoying life, work, and play from it.

How do you know? It feels really good....

Article in Entrepreneur by Catherine Clifford highlighting Jason Silva talking about your flow state.

“What happens to me when I am caught up in a specific idea, in some specific subject that captures my imagination, is that I forget myself. I lose myself in the cognitive activity of this idea. And then what happens is you transcend self consciousness, you transcend insecurity, you transcend self-doubt. You kind of get out of your own way.” Jason Silva

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