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Suffering and Waiting Lists

My heart sank a bit when I read this article on Saturday evening. Yes, on the one hand, I become very relieved by the idea of business paying attention - in any way - to the people side of business. At the same time, I have such deep concerns about the culture we live in that looks at EQ, mindfulness, and the reduction of human suffering (essentially...) as a course with a waiting list. Of course, this roots firmly in primary, secondary, and higher education, our ideas of success, family life, and priorities (on any level) - long before anyone arrives at the doors of Google. Nonetheless, we really need to question this stuff and get some priorities wired - long around yesterday. Earlier in the week, I heard from a friend about armed guards being stationed at a particular railway crossing in Silicon Valley somewhere that serves as an ideal spot for stepping in front of trains ... as a way out of suffering. Whether in the tech industry or elsewhere in the business world, it's time to pay attention to the cacophony of noise. Organizational cultures need to be deeply rooted in human wellness NOT human suffering. This is an obligation, not a choice. Certainly, let's not settle for news being about a waiting list as if that is a sense of accomplishment... good god.

Article in Fast Company in the section The Future of Work by Vivian Giang.

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