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Limbic, Cortex, Occipital, Reptilian

My week this week is focused on the brain. Dan Siegel's tool showing how the hand mimics the architecture of the brain. Easy-to-use...

Cortex (front brain)- mamalian part of our brain e.g. our differentiated "humanity", the ability to reason, see past and future, feel unhappy, decision-making, goal setting, planning

Limbic - bliss, emotions, "is this good or is this bad?", relationships, attachment, connection, community, present, emotional memory

Amydala -(reptilian brain) - fear response, fight or flight, eat it, kill it, f.... it

Occipital (back brain) - vision, anticipating, seeing around corners

When we understand even this simplistic explanation of where particular functions/skills sit in the landscape of our brains, we can begin to better grasp the necessity to access its broader landscape - and capabilities - and get out of the front brain.

Many reasons exist to get out of our front brains more regularly, but one that really might persuade people is that research is showing the human head to be evolving with more protrusion out the front of the skull... not such a great look.

Dan Siegel brain example.jpg

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