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“The teacher and the taught together create the teaching.”

Eastern Proverb

More than likely, you are tasked to lead, facilitate, communicate, envision, and inspire in some capacity in whichever professional role you play. To support, strengthen, and deepen those skills and capabilities, I lead workshops, trainings, and retreats to hone and develop a deepening capacity in self-awareness and personal development, communication, decision-making, facilitation techniques to lead groups and teams skillfully while creating optimal experiences, and connecting the front brain, linear, ego agenda with the back brain, creative, deeper purpose agenda.


"If you think you can't, you're right."

Culture and teams are the lifeblood of any company, and they are constantly evolving and emerging. What makes an inspired team and company is the accumulated effort of the people involved in its creation. If the basis of a company's culture doesn’t include courage, trust, intimacy and authenticity, culture doesn’t translate and leaves any business exposed to risk. The experience people have of a business - internally and externally - is representative of the personalities and contributions of the people who work for it. And that’s actually the point. Any business should inspire the people it touches - inside and out - through product, services, and engagement.


I facilitate teams to identify, live, and breathe the culture of the company they work for. In doing so, groups come together to think big picture, get at the stuff that is challenging, focus on vision and value, and make key decisions around day-to-day tasks and topics that can erode culture. 


I like for teams to come together at least twice per year. I believe it helps everyone connect, talk about the things that get lost in the pace of the day-to-day, and serves to protect the company's brand and culture. These events also keep a business' owner/leader dialed in in a slightly different way that is highly beneficial for everyone.

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